Sat on the Rocks

Environmental Triggers


We all live in a chaotic world.

If we can reduce physical triggers that add stress to your physical body network, e.g. lack of sleep, muscle knots, lack of exercise, and including food intake, then we are heading in the right direction.

We also examine your work process, technical and communication skills.


Emotional Triggers


We discuss situations that are affecting you currently.

Immediately, we work with you to deal with the first layer of “emotional avoidance”, to reduce your anger within your subconscious.


You will then have a simple methodology to work with, during your own time, that will have a meaningful impact on reducing your "open visible" anger.


We will then work on your second layer of “emotional avoidance”,  which is usually a more rooted issue.

This requires time, both your participation during the sessions and your own observations outside of the consulting sessions.


Our objective is to find out what “extreme emotional pain” your subconscious is trying to protect you from,

causing “Anger and Blame” on others/yourself.


We then “Absorb” that particular “extreme emotional pain”, so that the subconscious does not have to bury it and protect you again in the future.

Thereby stop the "Avoidance Mechanism" repeating itself.


We will work together on RECOVERY.

This also requires you to "unlearn" many years of certain "behavioural associations".

As your motivation will have changed, you might experience a slight "lull" in life,

which is a good thing, as time will enable you to find your footing again.


It will also require your choice of tools, incorporating your spiritual beliefs, meditation etc


This Recovery is a crucial step in the complete process.